Bail Hearings

Bail is one of the most important steps of the criminal court process. Getting bail can often be the difference between fighting the charges or deciding to plead guilty. Being in custody makes defending your charges more complicated due to challenges with accessing counsel. It is also makes it more difficult to participate in preparing your defence.

You only get one chance at bail. If bail is denied, your only recourse is to apply for a bail review in the Superior Court of Justice. Bail reviews are expensive, time consuming and your case may not be eligible for one.

I have represented clients at bail hearings for serious charges such as firearms, drugs and human trafficking. The services I provide when assisting clients who are facing new charges include:

  1. Negotiating your surrender with the police and determining if they want to hold you for bail.
  2. Speaking to prospective sureties and putting together a plan for them to supervise you as part of your bail terms.
  3. Negotiating with the Crown attorney to potentially avoid running a contested bail hearing.
  4. Where all else has failed, conducting a contested bail hearing in front of a Justice of the Peace or Judge.

It is important that you get this process started quickly. Arranging sureties may take some time, as will putting together the bail plan. Contact me as soon as possible so we can get the process started.

Questions? Let me guide you.