Drug Possession & Trafficking

Drug offences are prosecuted under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The circumstances of drug charges vary, but there are a few situations that present themselves more often than others.

Drug charges often arise out of motor vehicle stops. Police officers pull someone over for a variety of reasons. They subsequently see or smell something that leads to everyone in the car getting arrested.

Another all too familiar set of facts is the police executing a search warrant on a residence and arresting everyone inside. What started off as a visit to a friend’s house, resulted in you getting charged with possession of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking.

Although every case is unique, and past results are no guarantee of future results, I have successfully defended clients in both these scenarios. In fact, I often view these as good cases. In order to secure a conviction, the Crown needs to prove an accused had both knowledge and control of the controlled substance. This can be challenging when there is more than one person in the vicinity of the drugs.

I also have experience with challenging search warrants. We can review the warrant together and determine what parts of it might be misleading or false. The warrant might also lack the necessary grounds to have been issued.

Finally, even if you were caught in the act of selling drugs to an undercover police officer, there may still be hope. You need to speak with a lawyer to determine if there is any entrapment defence against the charges.

Like with other offences, preparation for these cases is best done early in the proceedings. This is because your memory of the arrest, and the circumstances leading up to it, will be fresh in your mind. Contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss how we will prepare your case.

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