Theft & Fraud

Theft, often in the form of shoplifting, is another common offence dealt with in the criminal courts. Individuals accused of theft often have no prior involvement with the courts. If you have been charged with shoplifting, I offer a variety of services to assist you with your charges.

For those looking to keep their costs down, I can provide legal advice on the potential options to deal with the charges. If you are looking for more comprehensive representation, I can attend court with you to deal with the charges. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you in person. I can also assist you with destroying the non-conviction records after your matter is dealt with.

Fraud charges are often more serious than simple shoplifting. Depending on the amount of the fraud, and your relationship with the victim, the Crown might be seeking jail for even a first offender.

You need to consult with a lawyer to determine if the Crown is going to be able to prove the offence. Often the Crown will need to follow an extensive paper trail to prove its case. A lawyer can tell you if they are going to be able to do so during the trial.

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